Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Grass Roots

As the grass roots of Spring start to emerge, we thought what better way to jump back on our blog than with this little vid on a grass root shaper. Joel shapes out of his country hut, coming up with original designs for your musings. We have one of his boards online and in store, so feel free to check them out by clicking here 

In the meantime, here is 'The Port Glass' surfboard flying around the coasts of Devon and Cornwall…

Friday, 12 December 2014


We are stoked to be now carrying the iconic Hobie boards in our UK stores. A legendary name that over the years has created legendary shapes with true mastery of the craft. With Tyler Warren now at the forefront of their surfboards design, Hobie offer the best of the past and the freshness of the future to all your surfing needs. Click here to check our stock availability. If there is a board you are after please get in touch 01271 813 300.

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Worlds Warmest Wetsuit ?

Well the Winter chilly season is upon us, and with that comes many things, one of which for us surfers is more rubber !  

Here at Nineplus we have been continuing to develop the use of the finest neoprene in the world, Japanese Yamamoto. We did a recent trip to Thurso, Scotland, to have a little break as well as test out some of our wetsuits…

Often with many wetsuits comes the selling points of blind stitched, sealed etc with a Nineplus wetsuit  two thirds is completely water proof, being single lined. Why is this so good?

  • ·      A warmer material (Japanese Yamamoto!) surrounds all of your upper body, so you stay warmer, a lot warmer!
  • ·      A wetsuit works by trapping heat in your body, and good ones by not allowing water to come in your suit to dislodge the heat. With a completely impenetrable upper body, you will be warmer in a Nineplus wetsuit.
  • ·      The smooth skin is completely wind and water resistant ! Check the photo.      
  • No water is absorbed in ¾ of your suit, so you stay lighter, an often overlooked point when piling on the rubber.
  • Yammotto has super low stretch modules with optimum cell recovery ie. V.stretchy whilst keeping its shape/fit.

Our latest model of wetsuit with the double lined in the legs and the Yamamoto Neoprene in the upper body, makes these our best wetsuits yet. Combining warmth and durability.

Using completely different principles to the rest of the UK wetsuit market, we can make genuine claim to making some of the warmest wetsuits on the market place, if not the. Some of the surfers who use our suits are only just starting to get out of their 3/2’s.

We’d love for you to check out our wetsuits and welcome you to the warm club.

Click here or visit our Braunton (EX33 1BT) or Newquay Store (TR7 3EJ).

Video by S.Glazebrook
Photos by S.Cotter

Monday, 17 November 2014

Road Trip

Getting on the road in pursuit of waves and adventure… there is nothing quite like it. The Nineplus crew were fortunate enough to do this last week, heading up to the Northest point of Scotland… and even more stoked to score Thurso. During this time of wave hunting we were also able test out some of the exciting products we have brewing in the Nineplus bakery. Stay tuned.

photos | S.Glazebrook

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn Swell


It is that time again of Autumn bounty… solid swells, windswept beaches and of rare coves lighting up.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Since they stopped being made/sold in 2004, the classic California label Hobie has not been available in the UK. Nineplus will now be offering the Hobie surfboard lines through both Newquay and Braunton stores from October. Custom orders are available and the first order of Tyler Warren customs will be available shortly… get in touch for more info.

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