Thursday, 15 November 2012

HASU wetsuits

HASU: Excellence

The 4/3 wetsuits are now in store, just in time for winter! Here's a little about HASU and the suit... 

HASU has been built over the last 5 years using every bit of knowledge learnt in the building of Nineplus. HASU is built on quality and performance while concentrating on classic and simple. Partnering with some of the best technical material suppliers in the world of form and function. Welcome to our latest offering... 

HASU wetsuits are made exclusively from Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, utilizing the very best of materials.

There is also nothing on the body of the wetsuit to absorb water so the wetsuits remain very light which means more water time and muscles do not tire due to carrying water that is in the wetsuit.

Fine mesh skin surface for double durable but lightweight smooth-skin, lined in 6000 yamamoto - the most flexiable, strechable lining available. The memory of our neoprene will retain full stretch qualities over 2000 times which prevents stretch out in your wetsuit. 

The suit lining is furnished in Zirconium (front and back) which absorbs body heat and then blankets it against the skin preventing cooling.

The inside arms and legs are taped in 0.5 mm Yamamoto taping and reinforced on every seam joint.

In short... a darn good suit! 



  1. Hey mate, yep we have some hasu hooded in stock. Get in touch or 01271 813 300 and we can see if we have your size!


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