Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Demo Dharma

The swell has arrived after a long flat (& very sunny!) spell. To accompany the swell we pleased to be able to offer the Bing Dharma to our Elite Demo Collection.

A word from Chris Del Moro: "The Dharma blends moderen surfing with the subtleties of riding a retro fish. This board was designed to catch a lot of waves, supplying endless amounts of fun to wave riders alike. Matt and I set out to design a board that was not only fast down the line but could also pivot in the pocket. The beveled rail and concave deck concept allows us to keep the volume of the board for glide while maintaing the boards sensitivity in rail to rail turns. Suitable for clean lines, barrel riding, full rail turns and a perfect platform to take your aerial antics to the next level. Enjoy the ride and share the stoke."

CDM in action on the Dharma

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Yonderland Clothing

Summer is back... 

and so is Yonderland Clothing. 

With some beautiful pieces from their 
2013 range now in store.

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