Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Elite Demo Collection begins...

So.... Spring is taking its time to get here and the chill is still hanging around. But with that comes some very beautiful days, so it's all good, and it will be summer before you know it! 

photo | Ruwac Productions

To kick things off here at North Devon, we are introducing our "Elite Demo Collection" where you can either have a top of the range board for your surfing weekend or try out the board you are thinking of buying.

First up is the Magic Carpet, from 6'8 to 7'4. It is basically a longboard with centre 2 1/2 foot missing out of the middle. It is the board of choice for many reasons. It has the same width in the nose, tail and centre point as a traditional longboard. So it paddles and picks up waves really easily. 

However the reduced tail line allows you to turn on a mark and it can be used in a large range of conditions. Carpets are great for everything from 'old school style' stretch nose rides in the pocket, to simply cruising on the mellow days, all the way through to surfing the bigger days with added stability and and an easy wave entry. It's our best seller for a reason!

So is a great all round board, used as a perfect step down for longboarders, a fun board for shortboarders looking for a bit of glide on the small days and a good board for surfers looking to progress from learner boards. So ... a board to consider for most!

To book yours for the next swell just click here.

[Rumour has it Bings are next up, so keep your eyes peeled]


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